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Woman receives two false-positive diagnoses

”Over the course of a few weeks, I spiraled [sic] from a well-adjusted, sexual college woman into someone who was ready to take her own life over a disease she didn’t have”. Zoë Ligon, 23.

…Though Zoë’s ELISA indicated that there were antibodies in her system, the western blot did not. The PCR also showed that there was no HIV in her blood.

…a false-positive typically only occurs when a person has an autoimmune disease, rabies, or Hepatitis B, or if a woman is pregnant [emphasis added] – and none of those things applied to Zoë.

…While she was hugely relieved, Zoë’s ordeal was a wake-up call…


Ms Ligon was fortunate to have a doctor who investigated further when in most cases HIV+ is stamped once with a branding iron. But were she ‘certainly’ HIV+, she would be incorrectly treated for a benign marker or a marker of some other illness.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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