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List of Videos on IRF website

Meditel Film and Video Archive – HD Footage

Interview Extracts from ‘Positively False – Birth of a Heresy’

Christian Fiala

Michael Callen

The Lethal Effects of AZT (Zidovudine) – Andrew Herxheimer

David Crowe

Perth Group

Claus Koehnlein

Peter Duesberg

Celia Farber

Jad Adams

Neville Hodgkinson

Positively False – Birth of a Heresy (Trailer)

Stefan Lanka Interview

Interview Extracts from ‘Positive Hell’ – The story of five individual’s defiance of the AIDS dogma

Manolo statement

Manoel statement

Raquel statement

Pablo statement

Suso statement

Positive Hell (Trailer – French subtitles)

Programmes and Documentaries

The AIDS Catch
Dispatches, Channel 4 1990 Challenges the infectious hypothesis in AIDS 40 minute documentary taped in the USA

AIDS – The Unheard Voices
Dispatches, Channel 4, 1987 Reflects differing views on the cause of AIDS Winner of Royal Television Society Award for International Current Affairs, 1988

AIDS & Africa Pt 1
Dispatches, Channel 4, 1993 Part 1 of 1 hour documentary filmed in Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon, and Côte d’Ivoire

AIDS & Africa Pt 2
Dispatches, Channel 4, 1993 Part 1 of 1 hour documentary filmed in Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon, and Côte d’Ivoire

Search for Solutions – The Great AIDS Debate
Interview with President Thabo Mbeki April 2000 “Carte Blanche” M-Net, South Africa

Positively False News Report
Channel 4 News Report 1998 Challenges identification of HIV and highlights anomalies between different HIV test kits.

AIDS Dissidents in Europe
Sky News Report on “Newsline” – ‘AIDS Dissidents in Europe’

International Conference on AIDS, Yekaterinburg, Russia May 29 – 30 2008
Various speakers (English, Russian, Spanish & German with live translations) Parts 1 – 12

Peter Duesberg Lecture – Hanover, 1991

AZT – Cause for Concern
Dispatches, Channel 4, 1992 Questions use of AZT and highlights drug toxicity British Medical Association Educational Merit Award, 1992 – Filmed in the USA

Diary of an AIDS Dissident
Sky News, 1993 Berlin World AIDS Conference Includes pull together of footage from Meditel’s different reports.

Amsterdam Alternative AIDS Conference
Sky News 1992 Amsterdam Alternative AIDS Conference Highlights of this unique gathering of dissident scientists

Christine Maggiore Documentary

Denialism – the Death of AIDS

This Child of Mine

Granada Television

The Great AIDS Debate

AIDS e la Speranza (Italian)

Tony Brown – Discussion with John Lauritsen

Gallo Exposed

AZT – Right to Reply (Edited for Web)

SMON – Money Go Round Thames TV 1981

SIDA – Toda la Verdad Pt 1 (Spanish)

SIDA – Toda la Verdad Pt 2 (Spanish)

Luc Montagnier Interview – 1

Luc Montagnier Interview – 2

Heal TV

For World AIDS Day

Who Cares – Keeping the Beat

Peter Duesberg Interview

10 Scientific Arguments why HIV can NOT cause AIDS (Peter Duesberg)

The Official Tony Brown’s Journal – It’s Sex & Drugs

HIV Research Questionnaire Information

Kill or Cure: The Story of Smon – Channel 4 TV 1983

Kill or Cure: Eraldin – Ch4 TV 1983

Kill or Cure: Whooping Cough – A Shot in the Dark – Ch4 TV 1983

Forgotten Millions
First UK network broadcast in 1987 on Central TV’s series “Viewpoint ‘87”
“Forgotten Millions” visits psychiatric hospitals and mental health outreach projects in Bangalore and Ranchi in India,, in Japan, the Bronx, New York, and in Cairo.. The documentary examines approaches to mental illness in those societies – revealing the best and the worst..

The film won the Red Ribbon Award: AMERICAN FILM AND VIDEO ASSOCIATION

Viewpoint ’87: Forgotten Millions, 1989. Central TV

Microsurgeons of Shanghai TV Eye – Thames TV – 17.4.1980

Interview with Joan Shenton for (Audio)

Links to other videos on the Web

III All-Russian Conference “Problems of HIV and AIDS.” 2013 – (Russian language)

How Accurate is the HIV Confirmation Test?
Neville Hodgkinson talking – excerpt from ‘House of Numbers

‘I Won’t Go Quietly’ – Anne Blumenthal on the difficulties women face if they reject recommended HIV drugs ‘

I Won’t Go Quietly’ – Trailer (English Version)

Colman Jones – The 4-hour 1992 cable TV series “The Cause of AIDS: Fact and Speculation” and more…

Nicole Zwiren – Oppression Unlimited (Trailer)