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Some Ugandans saying they’re HIV+ just for financial assistance

Some healthy people in Kamuli district are claiming to be HIV-positive so as to get money and goats from non governmental organisations.

When the majority of incoming money is shoved into the mouth of the AIDS monster, how else can one get a share of the pie than to walk into its cage?

Others register their children as orphans of HIV/Aids victims, to get sponsorship from charity organisations. This was announced on Monday by the National Forum for People Living with HIV Networks in Uganda (NAFOPHANU), Kamuli branch.

Registration of children of phantom AIDS victims will lead the parents to be assigned as ghosts; counted as part of AIDS death statistics. Yet, could one blame parents for this tactic if it results in a better life for their children? A rigged system deserves contempt.

“After learning that Plan [Uganda] was giving support to HIV victims,  [111 HIV-negative people] rushed to the health facility with fake HIV results from private clinics, got registered…,” said Judith Hatoho, the Kamuli NAFOPHANU coordinator.

Just when African statistics weren’t fudged enough by the Bangui definition, non-specific test kits and illogical death estimates, we have desperate people tarring themselves as HIV+ just to get help.

[Source: The Observer (Uganda)]

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