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Tributes to John Lauritsen who has died March 5th 2022

The AIDS Catch – Channel 4
24.54 to 25.29  Consequences of recreational drug use – poppers/amyl nitrite, MDA etc.
29.07 to 30.13  AIDS not infectious because it has remained rigidly compartmentalised within in the risk groups
AZT – Cause for Concern – Channel 4
14.42 to 15.58    Unblinding and cheating in AZT drug trials – Freedom of Information revelations
18.35 to 19.17    Dishonest to claim that AZT Phase II trials were double blinded
28.02 ro 28.29    Claims that AZT prolongs life worthless
Diary of an AIDS Dissident – Sky News
1.18 to 2.15     John sets out for Berlin World AIDS Conference with his recently published book “The AIDS War”
26.58 to 27.22    John accuses conference organiser of being afraid of freedom of speech
29.24 ro 29.55   John publicly accuses conference panel of acts of violence and censorship and demands an apology
35.18 to 37.09    At AZT on Trial Conference John accuses FDA of violations of protocol in AZT trials which amount to fraud

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