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The Infectious Myth – HPV Vaccine Censorship in Australia – 08.21.18

David interviews the most dangerous woman who can’t get into Australia, Joan Shenton (censored again). When invited by Meryl Dorey and others to appear at screenings of her documentary on HPV vaccine damage and flawed science, “Sacrificial Virgins”, Joan was unable to get a visa. Normally something that takes a day or two, her application was set aside for special processing, ensuring that she could not be physically  present at the screenings. However, through the wonders of the internet, Joan was present via video link at every screening. David and Joan are joined by Meryl Dorey, who was a vaccine supporter until one of her children was severely damaged by a vaccine, and who has lead the Australian Vaccine-Risks Network, AVN, for many years. We discuss not only the general issues of the HPV vaccine, but also the specific political environment surrounding coercive vaccination and suppression of critics, in Australia.