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Straight Outta Line: Did NWA’s Easy-E die of HIV?

In 1988 the gangsta rap group NWA released the album Straight Outta Compton which stunned America both in its sonic assault and provocation of the authorities. Though the group’s longevity was limited they had made a lasting impact, which is why a film about NWA has recently been released and is already breaking box office records.

One member of NWA is deceased, the high-pitched Easy-E, said to have died of AIDS. However, say, compared to Queen’s Freddie Mercury, Easy-E did not suffer from a long illness expected from HIV; he died abruptly. Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with HIV and given AZT and then died of ‘AIDS’. Easy-E was diagnosed with AIDS just upon hospital admission. Hip-hop group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony also dispute Easy-E’s death which would see them painted as conspiratorial by AIDS mainstreamers.

There’s also no report of any of Easy-E’s children or partners having acquired HIV or dying of AIDS (see last link), something the media would’ve no doubt jumped on.

It comes to this: while deaths from possible recreational overindulgences are common in the music industry, at that time particularly (Easy-E died a few years after Mercury), a gay man and a black man aren’t allowed to die without suspicion of HIV infection.

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