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Further screening of Behind the Fear

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“BEHIND THE FEAR– The Hidden Story of HIV” will be shown Wednesday January 11 at the Davis Senior Center Valente Room at 7pm, 646 A St in Davis. Does HIV really cause AIDS or is this a dogma based on false assumptions? The science behind the dissident position is narrated by Ed Asner.

Guest Editorial

It was 1998 and my Mexican girlfriend wanted a green card. I said yes but when we passed the American consulate in Ciudad Juarez we got the bad news– Norma’s routine blood test was HIV positive. News like that can make your life blow up.

Years later Norma moved to Mexico and I retired to my stone ruin near Provence. It was there with time on my hands I became aware of a dissident world of doctors and virologists who were questioning the basic theory that HIV causes AIDS. I ordered the book “Inventing the AIDS Virus” by Peter Duesberg, a member of the American Academy of Sciences at UC Berkeley–  and I was stunned. The science was substantive and convincing.

The conventional theory emerged from a system primed to look for a microbe as a cause of disease and a corrupt and greedy virologist that took advantage of a political situation. Gays were dying from a scary new condition and they were protesting in the streets demanding an answer.

The corruption of the science supporting the conventional theory is breathtaking– from the original papers published by Robert Gallo (proved nothing) to the biomarkers they use to be detect and monitor the condition (inconsistent, inappropriate, and inexact) to the treatments for AIDS (biomarker oriented and poisonous).

A dynamic young filmmaker Nicole Zwiren will be travelling from LA to present her documentary “BEHIND THE FEAR– The Hidden Story of HIV” narrated by Ed Asner, to be shown Wednesday January 11 at the Davis Senior Center Valente Room at 7pm, 646 A St in Davis. The documentary details the science behind the dissident position.

Immune systems crash from lifestyle conditions and decisions including prophylactic antibiotics and street and medical drugs. I debated one UCD med school prof for three years asking for the references to the peer reviewed science papers showing AIDS is caused by a virus. I recently approached another med school prof with the same question. I am still waiting.

Producer Nicole Zwiren and I invite you to join us for a pro and con discussion after the film.

Martin K. Barnes

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