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RIP Gordon Stewart

IRF is sad to hear that the veteran British AIDS dissenter Gordon Stewart died in October. He not only provided a foreword to the original edition of Joan Shenton’s Positively False, but was a frequent collaborator on her televised documentaries.

Joan: I am so very sorry to hear that Gordon Stewart has died. I used to keep in touch with Gordon and his wife Neena but we somehow drifted apart. I extend my deepest sympathy to Neena.

I worked closely with Gordon for many years. He was an official adviser to Meditel Productions when we were making our series for Channel 4 Kill or Cure. It was Gordon who helped with the litigation against Ciba-Geiegy linked to SMON (Subacute Myelo-Optic Neuropathy). This was a paralysis and blindness caused by the anti-diarrhoeal Entero-Vioform which contained clioquinol. Ciba-Geigy had previously claimed that clioquinol was not absorbed through the gut and therefore could not cause the damage. However, Gordon remembered a research film and an article in an Argentine medical journal in 1937 that showed rabbits given cliquinol going blind and being unable to move.

Gordon was an elegant and inveterate letter writer. He did a great deal to support the AIDS dissident standpoint.

He fiercely challenged the government’s alarmist statistics about the spread of AIDS.

I devoted part of Chapter 5 “Plague Terror” of my book to Gordon’s battle for the truth about AIDS figures.

Stewart’s long and fruitful life will not be forgotten.

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