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Questions The Penrose Enquiry won’t answer

The Penrose Enquiry is Scotland’s investigation into blood infection as a result of transfusions from a specific period. It can be safe to assume that TPE will not address the following questions brought up from within this article:

[A] haemophiliac using only the name “Mark”, told the inquiry how he had been infected with HIV and hepatitis C after being treated at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in 1984, when he was 13. He said medics did not tell him that he had contracted the condition for seven years.

In the 80s many HIV+ people died within a year or few after diagnosis *and* treatment. How did “Mark” do well for 7 years without? It is not possible to learn from this article if “Mark” ever had ill health in that 7 year period.

The inquiry also heard from “Elaine”, whose husband died in 1992, six years after he was diagnosed with HIV as a result of a blood transfusion at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

She said she had lived for two years with the infection before being told by doctors.

An assumption can be made that the late husband of “Elaine” died following treatment. “Elaine” herself appears to have done fine for 2yrs, so why would medication become necessary?

[Source: Herland Scotland]

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