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How Positive Are You Podcast: Attorney Robert Parker Mills on the ‘AIDS’-Blackmailing of Rock Hudson, Alive and Dead

“Thirty years ago this summer, doctors told actor Rock Hudson that he had “AIDS.” A year later, he collapsed in a hotel room in Paris, igniting a public hysteria around a virus then said to threaten everyone. A little over a year later, Hudson was dead at 59, AIDS had gone mainstream, and a young drifter named Marc Christian, claiming to have been the Hollywood heartthrob’s lover, filed a lawsuit against the estate for “emotional distress” for fear of having caught a fatal virus. Attorney and author Robert Parker Mills chats with “How Positive Are You” co-host Elizabeth (Beth) Ely about defending the estate — and the posthumous reputation — of one of the most beloved stars of movies and television, in 1988-89.”

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