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Positive Hell banned again

It’s happened once more. Another UK film festival – Portobello – has censored Positive Hell upon minimal pressure from AIDS orthodoxy defenders. Read here.

The recurring tragedy is that an independent film festival yet again has absolved itself from supporting an independent film that it had accepted and did not see a problem with itself:

“We believe passionately in freedom of speech and expression, but clearly have no desire to create any distress. However in the spirit of not causing upset and as a people’s festival that is responsive to feedback from the public we have decided to pull the film.” Jonathan Barnett of Portobello Film Festival

Patrick Strudwick of BuzzFeed highlights that Joan Shenton – an award-winning medical journalist – has no medical training. But this emphasis is as useless as pointing out that most political journalists have never been politicians.

He also emphasises the death of one those featured in the film, when death also occurs in those taking ARVs and is indeed an inevitability to all in life.

And Shenton reiterated her belief that pregnancy can cause an HIV-positive test result. – But belief doesn’t come into it, for one see here.

Gus Cairns, editor of the National Aids Manual (NAM) and a psychotherapist, said the numbers of people who deny the medical establishment’s evidence surrounding HIV is “fairly small these days, mainly because of the obvious success of HIV therapy”. – If success is simply judged by overdose aversion then this is worth trumpeting. However, any benefit of a medicine does not prove the underlying theory. Statins can be useful in cardiovascular disease but cholesterol is now mainstream-maligned as causal.


We are sorry to those who planned to see the film at KPH on September 10.

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