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Overview: Challenging Avaricious Viral Paradigms, June 15-17 2018 @ Vers Pont du Gard – Maison de la Pierre

6 years ago, an AIDS dissent conference was held in Southern France, titled How to Break the HIV/SIDA Paradigm, featuring Etienne de Harven and Nancy Turner Banks. A report of this can be found here.

A few days ago, a follow-up conference by organisers Martin Barnes and Georg Wintzingerode was held at the same site, titled Challenging Avaricious Viral Paradigms; to expand the topics of debate while still pivoting on the fallacy of HIV/AIDS.

Beginning with an opening night of dinner, the following two days saw talks from speakers from around the world.

John Lauritsen opened with a keynote speech that was followed by a presentation by Joan Shenton and Helen Lauer (Helen’s part being delivered by proxy by Rethinking AIDS President David Crowe) regarding the situation in Africa.

Yours truly, delivered a talk on vitamin D deficiency as a cause of immunodeficiency, followed by David Crowe’s reasoning for doubting the existence of all viruses.

Jean Francois provided us with an overview of strategies to deal with the mainstream regarding AIDS.

To end the first day, Joan Shenton’s films, Positively Wrong (3-part series) and Positive Hell were shown.

Day two opened with David Rasnick explaining his work with Viral Forensics, with Tal Schaller then lightening the tone on how to deal effectively with the emotional impacts of a diagnosis.

A speaker from South Africa, Karim Rawji, was unable to deliver his scheduled speech on an unknown drug-based treatment for AIDS due to a family crisis occurring.

Christl Meyer showed a broad presentation on dealing with ill health, and Nancy Dominguez was able to share her insights on AIDS after having had to postpone from the previous day due to an emergency.

Marco Ruggiero joined the conference by webcam to explain his latest work following on from probiotics.

Gilles St. Pierre ended by presenting statistics on the Rethinking AIDS Facebook group.

AIDS dissident and famed cartoonist Robert Crumb was also present in the audience and had produced the artwork for the event which also featured on t-shirts.

Speakers and audience alike were happy to share their ideas and stories under the moderately warm temperatures and beige stone environment, with good food. Many of those present had been to the 2012 conference, making it a nice reunion for many.

The event was recorded to video, so these should be appearing online shortly, alongside any PowerPoint presentation files, where they were utilised and there is permission to share them.

It can be expected that there will be detailed reports on the conference from other sources, and these will be shared as they are made available.

21/6/18 update: videos from the conference can be found on this YouTube playlist (more to come at time of writing).

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