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Orthodoxy now says HIV causes AIDS indirectly

The preposterousness of HIV/AIDS theory has risen to a new level of lunacy as a new study alleges that newly-infected cells commit suicide when infected by other cells, but not when infected from free-floating virus. This suicide is alleged to be a defensive mechanism to prevent further infection.

There are many problems here. If the study is correct then HIV does not cause AIDS because free-floating virus is not doing any killing but causing only initial infection(s). And that initial infection(s) is passed on to other cells before they commit suicide, meaning that the cellular response is almost similar to an autoimmune disorder. So the response to HIV causes AIDS rather than HIV itself. And yet we’ve been told that the science that HIV causes AIDS is settled. If HIV does not kill cells directly, then aside from preventing transmission you could try to program cells to not behave self-destructively to a seemingly benign entity.

But a decrease in T-cells has also been found in those without HIV-positivity (labelled idiopathic CD4+ lymphocytopenia), so cell depletion is not uniquely a response to the presence of HIV. That being the case, HIV is therefore not an exclusive trigger of AIDS, and not everyone with HIV progresses anyway to T-cell depletion and AIDS – those irksome ‘long-term non-progressors’.

If free-floating HIV is less infective than HIV in other cells, free-floating infections will remain low, and those infected cells are not unlikely to die before infecting others. This is not incompatible with Duesberg’s view that HIV infects too few cells to cause AIDS.

Or perhaps The Perth Group are correct… maybe free-floating HIV is dead-cell debris rather than cause of the debris, and maybe HIV in the cell is indicative of damage that could occur from another source rather than being the trigger of?