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Opening of national “HIV” viraemia testing lab in Houston, Texas

Taken from a circulated email:

[W]e’ve set in motion today, the erection of an “HIV” viremia testing lab in Houston, Texas…

…Samples from all over the world will be handled there in this national “HIV” viremia testing lab to view with the only microscope in the world that can see objects the size of 120 nM, using EM. If any viremia is present in the blood of so-called “HIV-positives,”  which we yet haven’t found even in blood draw-PCR-tested and EM-tested blood from the same draw that harbor as many as 4 million “HIV” genomes/mL, then we will know and can prove no viremia is there, because the positive controls from a hemophilia “patient” of 24 or so years had a viral load of 500, and when we titrated microscopic beads of 100 nM dimensions at that same dilution, we could readily find them as a positive control.  We were only seeking high viral loads for about a year, but then realized, that the low viral loads, if we could titrate beads correctly, could demonstrate unequivocally, that we can find, using our scope, 500 beads or less. 
Everybody knows that antibodies aren’t contagious, between individuals or boxing rings, so our national “HIV” viremia Testing Lab will be called the Morrison Viremia Testing Service. It will be the first national laboratory of its kind, to test samples from newly stigmatized (or decades old stigmatized individuals like Andrew Lindsay and many others),  so that they can determine if their positivity is due to perhaps a recent vaccine, …and allow them to be treated for the condition(s) they actually are suffering from. I’ve had literally hundreds of people come to me to test them during the past year or so, yet EM labs throughout the world, including PERTH’s are afraid to test our split samples, once they know what we are doing, and the EM lab managers go running for the woods when they figure out what we are asking them to do.  This is why we need our own testing lab run by me and Dr. Jonas Moses.
I have 5 perfectly processed samples that appear in [a] paper. Which is why we need to get this lab going, and we are seeking more funding. I’ve decided to donate all the CONTRACT RESEARCH LABORATORY that tests for many things, using an electron microscope analysis that we have obtained at first through Baylor College of Medicine, run by a friend of mine at first, until our JOEL 2000 EM is installed.  We will charge a fee to keep the lab in operation and test samples, but more importantly, as Trisha told me today, with a pathological report we will generate, we will be rescuing thousands of persons from the stigma of “HIV/AIDS,” so they can receive help for the real conditions they have…

Andrew Maniotis, PhD.

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