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Observation of drug use and “full-blown AIDS” in US prisons

While not an article directly about HIV/AIDS, the harrowing piece linked below is an engaging read and has points relevant to Rethinking.

Attacks [sexual, man on man] don’t always begin like this. Sometimes, “they’ll lure them with drugs and get them really high – 90 per cent of prisoners shoot-up drugs”. Sometimes they’ll trick the victim into a debt and then make them repay it with sex. Other times it can start with a beating or stabbing.

Rampant drug use, check for Rethinking.

…Unsurprisingly, in such an epidemic, sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates are sky-high. Attwood says in one prison, he counted up the cons with hepatitis C: it came to two-thirds. Many had HIV. The only ones receiving treatment were those who had taken legal action. And thus, some prisoners had full-blown Aids.

“Full-blown AIDS” or natural consequences of a mixture of drug use, confinement (daylight deprivation) and trauma to the orifices?

[Source: The Independent]

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