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Libel in ‘Lactivism’

IRF has been made aware of a recently published book called Lactivism by Courtney Jung in which, among a number of dubious seen claims, ARAS/RA’s David Crowe has been libelled using a reference to this blog. Evidence for the sentence “Crowe also provides medical advice online to people who have stopped taking their HIV/AIDS medications.” is this (unmodified) link which clearly is a series of questions for an HIV-positive person to ponder, not a blanket statement at any course of action.

From the excerpt viewed of this pro-formula-milk book, there is also the statement “evidence has poured in that exclusive breastfeeding is not a cultural or historical norm anywhere in the world.” Does Jung mean to say that the development of the human female breast is a mistake and that powder from a tin in a supermarket is logical?

Babies whose mothers have nutritional deficiencies, which are especially common among vegans and vegetarians, will not get their recommended daily intake of certain important micronutrients from breastfeeding. All breastfed babies are at risk for iron and vitamin D deficiency.” Well, just give the mother supplements, as would be professionally recommended.

It is hard to buy the theme of breastfeeding as big business because “Mums inc.” is not ever going to be Nestle, etc.

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