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Is krokodil another cause of AIDS?

[Krokodil] is made of readily available ingredients such as codeine, iodine and toxins such as gasoline, industrial cleaning oil, lighter fluid and paint thinner. Users filter and boil ingredients together, then inject the drug.

…Continual use of krokodil, Russian for crocodile, causes blood vessels to burst, leaving skin green and scaly and eventually causing gangrene.

…Even though Schelkunova is now clean, she has lost her sight and has been diagnosed with cancer and HIV. She has only weeks to live.

The first picture in the linked article below shows Schelkunova with skin blotches similar to early AIDS-defining illness Kaposi’s sarcoma, on top of that she is dying from cancer. Given that she’s HIV+, what’s the culprit here? The ‘virus’ or the alarming cocktail she was injecting?

As krokodil can be up to “10 times cheaper than heroin” there will be very little communal buying from dealers as you can make it yourself, and when you remove possible communal usage there is less chance of sharing ‘dirty needles’.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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