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Joan on Positive Hell screening in Marbella

Positive Hell was nominated for Best Documentary at the Marbella International Film Festival Gala Awards Night two nights ago (we were amongst the three final nominations). Many thanks go to Andi Reiss, director and co-producer who flew down for the awards night and to Mark Wood for his beautiful music. The winner was a documentary called “The Ice Bear” a well-made doc about the creation of an ice sculpture to draw attention to global warming.

It was great to sit in the dinner venue and see our clip come up with Dr Manuel Garrido saying “I believe everything to do with AIDS is a big fraud”. Dr Garrido, and Manoel Penin (two of the interviewees in film) drove 14 hours to be at the screening and Raquel and her husband Pablo (also key interviewees) came from Madrid with their daughter Miriam. Miriam was born “HIV” positive and lost her mother’s antibodies after 18 months.

We had a lot of publicity – an interview in English on Talk Radio Europe by a very intelligent and sympathetic interviewer, then a TV interview in Spanish on Marbella TV. I had lined up an interview with Dr Garrido with a Catholic Radio Chanel which is big in Spain, but at the last minute they got cold feet and pulled out.

The session after the screening was very emotional. There weren’t many questions, just emotional outpourings from one or two members of the audience who may have experienced ‘positive hell’ themselves.  Also young Miriam who is 18 stood up and thanked her parents tearfully for allowing her to live such a happy and ‘normal’ life.

We are now planning to do a London launch of the film and my book re-publication in early February.

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