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Impromptu gathering with Raul Ehrichs Palma in Southern Spain – VIDEO

Last Saturday 13th November Raul Ehrichs Palma (vice-president of Rethinking AIDS/Unmasking Covid) came to Marbella and gave an impromptu talk about AIDS/Covid to a small audience of young (and old)  people (actors, young professionals etc). who had gathered to hear him.

He spoke for about three hours (with questions) of his extraordinary life – how he nearly died of heroin and coke addiction 28 years ago, was found in the gutter and taken to the Marbella hospital where his life was saved. He had to have heart surgery and recovered well. He tested HIV antibody negative in hospital but some months later tested HIV positive. He has never taken any antivirals and is in excellent health today.

Raul described the problems with the PCR test, the non-isolation of Covid and drew parallels between HIV/AIDS and the current Covid deception.

His audience was transfixed, asking many questions and requesting to be kept in touch with future developments.

After the meeting Raul circulated the presentation enclosed below (for any Spanish speakers) when he was interviewed by Maria Grazia Gonzales of Monarcas, Peru, an organisation set up with the late RA president Dr Roberto Giraldo.

The presentation denounces what Raul Describes as the “Drosten fraud” and gives a step by step chronology of the farce surrounding AIDS and Covid.