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HIV transmission via teeth?

This story shows that social responses to HIV are no different to fear of black cats, walking under ladders and the number 13.

 In a bizarre incident, an HIV infected man, wanted in connection with several criminal cases, bit two policemen when they went to arrest him near here, police said today.

…The bitten policemen were rushed to the medical college hospital here and administered preventive medicines, police said. 

Examination of the medical reports of the man showed that he had tested HIV positive years back and was a drug addict [emphasis added]. He was later produced in a local court and remanded to judicial custody. 

How do you spread viruses from teeth when even kissing is not known to cause HIV transmission? To be valid you need to prove that there were bleeding gums, that they were profuse enough, and that the patient had enough ‘viral load’ to make spread likely.
You also need to prove HIV theory properly, to rely on reports not from “years back”, and to disassociate the biological effects of drug abuse.

[Source: Zee News]

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