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HIV re-appears in ‘cured’ Mississippi girl

Many will be familiar with the story of a baby girl miraculously having been saved from HIV infection by being provided with treatment soon after birth from a late-diagnosed mother.

It turns out that HIV has ‘re-emerged’ (how can that be if infection was never proven?) in that baby girl, so lifelong treatment is undoubtedly back on the cards, even though there was no report of Aids expression, the possibility that the girl could be an ‘elite controller’ who never develops Aids, or in fact the possibility that the unreliable HIV tests may have picked up evidence of a common, passed, childhood illness (a young girl has an immune system that is still developing, so likely the innate arm will take a back seat to the adaptive arm).

The BBC has adorned its article with pictures of computerised assumptions of what HIV looks like. The doctors are stumped on why HIV re-emerged. The obvious dissident answer is whether it is common sense to follow a theory that seems to support the Christ-like resurrection of a virus whose pathogenicity has never been demonstrated.

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