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HIV+ man fails to infect 4 women after unprotected intercourse

A Swedish court of appeal acquitted a man with HIV after he had been sentenced to a year in prison for having unprotected sex with four women despite knowing that he was infected with the virus.

The man had been handed a 150,000 kronor fine ($24,000) in addition to a year in prison. He appealed the ruling as he said he was being treated for the illness and none of the four women he had intercourse with became infected.

…Professor Jan Albert at the Karolinska University gave testimony and argued that the risk of infection was very small despite the man not using a condom.

The reason for the risk of infection being so small, argued the experts, was that the man was undergoing treatment for the illness and that it was going well.

There are plenty of cases of non-transmission from unmedicated people.

[Source: The Local]