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HIV- boy turns HIV+ after transfused blood from 3 HIV- donors

CHENNAI: KG Hospitals on Friday afternoon admitted that there was “some confusion” about how the 16-year-old boy from Ooty could test positive for HIV. They admitted that the boy had tested negative for the virus before his dialysis treatment in December, but tested positive for it in March. 

…The hospital claims they have clear records of the three people, whose blood was transfused into the boy, and tests to show that they were HIV negative. “We do not know how the virus entered the boy’s blood stream,” admitted the hospital’s chairman K G Bhakthavatchalam.

The boy had been treated by the hospital for more than three months for kidney failure. Both his kidneys had failed; he was undergoing dialysis and needed a transplant urgently.

How can the orthodoxy answer this without conjecture?

[Source: The Times of India]

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