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Greeks injecting HIV for benefits?

It is claimed that a number of Greeks are injecting themselves with HIV in order to avail of benefits to help with the country’s economic problems. There are two issues with this:

Although drugs undoubtedly provide an escape from problems, one must be confident of being able to have enough money to procure them. Furthermore, drug users will test HIV+ alone due to the effects of drug toxicity, and I can bet that hardly anybody will want to infect themselves with any microbe that could affect their life as the benefits will often need to be allocated to buffering their health obstacles.

It is plausible, however, that drug users want benefits to help pay for their habit which increases the chances of becoming HIV+ and acquiring an AIDS-defining illness.

[Source: Sky News]

Update: Later today the WHO retracted this statement, citing an error of wording. But without verification the media fanned the original story anyway.

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