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Thousands of people with HIV have been left struggling in poverty by the Government’s welfare reforms – with some unable to afford the basic food they need to fight their condition.

…Explaining the medical importance of food to HIV patients, Dr Asboe said: “We know that, in general, if people have poor nutrition, that has a detrimental effect on their immune system. HIV suppresses the immune system, so nutritional problems can exacerbate the effects of it.

Poor nutrition suppresses the immune system, ‘HIV’ suppresses the immune system… In what way does a malnutrition-based immunity challenge differ from that posed by HIV?

It’s such hard work being on benefits. Sometimes I know there’s something not quite right with my body and I don’t know whether to put it down to the food I’ve been eating.

The problems might not solely be due to poverty as wealthy people can make poor food choices.

[Source: The Independent]

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