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Vers aqueduct

Ellner obituary, Challenging Viral Paradigms conference at Vers in June

Rethinking AIDS has posted an obituary on HEAL NYC’s Michael Ellner and details of a summer conference in Vers-Pont-du-Gard (nearest airport: Nimes) which will challenge HIV and other viral paradigms.

Speakers scheduled for the 3-day event so far are: John Lauritsen, Joan Shenton, Dr. Tall Schaller, Jean-François Perrut, Dr. Etienne de Harven, Mike Hersee, Dr. Marco Ruggiero, Christl Meyer, David Crowe, Dr. Roberto Giraldo, Dr. David Rasnick, Torsten Engelbrecht, Mohammed Aziz

Others who are coming but may not give a talk include: Dr. Manuel Garrido, Leo Varela, Raquel Sanz, Dr. Nancy Dominguez, Robert Crumb, Bert Hoscheit

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