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The Continuum Magazine Archives

London’s Continuum magazine was created in the early 90’s by Jody Wells. Huw Christie then took over and the magazine became a unique platform for AIDS rethinkers. Continuum ceased to exist after the death of Huw Christie except for a last on-line edition edited by Michael Baumgartner.

Please check back for ongoing updates to this archive. All archives are in downloadable PDF format.


Vol 2 #2


Vol 6 #1&2
Vol 6 #3
(Volumes 6/3
published online)

Continuum Brochures (PDF)

Early Interview with Continuum Founder Jody Wells (PDF)

IRF-Continuum-Gates Foundation-June 2000 (PDF)

Continuum Web Project (PDF)

House of Lords Official Report (PDF)

Luc Montagnier Interview 29-03-1988

Notes on interview with Prof Luc Montagnier

Montagnier spills the beans-Sun Tel 1995

Notes on interview with Dr Philippe Kourilsky

Lust and Life

National Academy of Sciences USA – Investigation

Dr Ian Weller – notes of meeting 21-03-1990

Huw Christie letter to Gordon Stewart-1996