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Cass Mann

Family and friends of CASS MANN (1948-2009) release tribute to the late AIDS campaigner and co-founder of POSITIVELY HEALTHY, the British support group for men living with HIV and AIDS.

‘CASS MANN, co-founder of POSITIVELY HEALTHY and one of the first gay men in the UK to be diagnosed with HIV, died in London of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on April 18th 2009. It took five months for the police to break the news to his family. Following Cass’s funeral in September 2009 his brother MARCUS MANSUKHANI posted news of Cass’s death on YouTube via AIDS Videos. On reading his message, some of Cass’s friends contacted Marcus, and a consensus emerged that we should pay tribute publicly to Cass’s 24-year campaign to help gay men live well and healthily with HIV.’