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Boycott World AIDS Day

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. 29yrs since the Gallo-Heckler announcement has produced no real advancement in treating ‘HIV’. Why? The hypothesis is clearly bankrupt. If you care, do not buy a red ribbon which swaps nutrition and rehabilitation for pointless condoms and clean needles.

Look at what was reported today, an argument long made by AIDS dissenters:

…Nearly 30 years on, Danny, who is from London, is one of the longest-surviving people in the world with HIV.

…Some health problems in older HIV patients may be related to the early treatments they received, which had significant and sometimes toxic side
effects, rather than the virus itself.

That’s nearly an admission that people live longer because the drugs are less toxic nowadays; which leads on to the question if these drugs are still appropriate.

“I haven’t prepared myself psychologically for growing older. My body is ageing faster than a normal person’s. I’ve got arthritis and osteoporosis and I live in constant physical pain.”

[Source: BBC News]