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Tributes to Eleni Padadopulos of the Perth Group

Tributes to Eleni Padadopulos of The Perth Group Stefan Lanka paying tribute to Eleni at the online presentation of Kaufman and Cowan’s “Response to the Corona Comittee”. Starts seconds before the 47 minute mark: Freedom Talk 6 / Special – Scientific response to the Corona Committee February 11th, 2022 “Poppers and AIDS: Haemophilia and AIDS” […]

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Tributes to John Lauritsen who has died March 5th 2022

The AIDS Catch – Channel 4 24.54 to 25.29  Consequences of recreational drug use – poppers/amyl nitrite, MDA etc. 29.07 to 30.13  AIDS not infectious because it has remained rigidly compartmentalised within in the risk groups AZT – Cause for Concern – Channel 4 14.42 to 15.58    Unblinding and cheating in AZT drug […]

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Historical pieces on AIDS compiled by Cal Crilly

What is the HIV Retrovirus? And these are historical pieces on AIDS. The Muddled Beginnings of The AIDS ‘Pandemic’ 1981 This follows from the previous story and tells what Michael Gottleib and Liz Taylor did to Rock Hudson. How Rock Hudson’s Liver Failure Conned 325 Million Out Of Congress The AIDS Experiments […]

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