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New President of Rethinking AIDS/Unmasking Covid Tom DiFerdinando’s comments from the “Covid-19: the New AIDS” conference yesterday, organized by RA Vice President Raul Ehrichs Palma, and long time Peruvian AIDS dissident Maria Grazia Gonzales

Hello Everyone, My name is Tom DIFerdinando. I am the new President of Rethinking AIDS/Unmasking Covid. I am very excited by this opportunity to speak with you today. First I would like to say that Dr. Roberto Giraldo, a formative force in the organization that has brought you this exciting conference, was a very close […]

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Mo’s sudden death has been a terrible shock to all who knew him. He died in Charing Cross Hospital of a brain aneurism on Tuesday 19 th March 2019. You could say Mo just turned up on my doorstep. He came one day to interview me for his book on Vitamin D called “Prescribing Sunshine”. […]

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