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Audio double bill with David Crowe on Ebola

How Positive Are YouEpisode 89: ‘The Horror!’ – University of Ghana Professor Helen Lauer Calls Out the Ebola Scare As a Tool for Drug Profits and U.S. Military Invasion

If there’s an Ebola epidemic in West Africa, Professor Helen Lauer hasn’t found it from her post at the University of Ghana. She does, however, see a fake crisis orchestrated to support vaccine testing on West Africans and a pretext for a U.S. invasion of the continent, and “How Positive Are You” is the first to break the story. HPAY co-hosts Elizabeth Ely and David Crowe first discuss the contradictions in the science as reported, then call up Prof. Lauer at the scene of the crime.


The Infectious Myth10/28/14

David reveals his preliminary research on Ebola, and why it is probably not an infectious disease. The major problems are the shoddy nature of the original research that claimed to have found a new haemorrhagic fever virus, the lack of certainty in the testing, and a diagnosis that creates the illusion of infectivity, and that no longer requires haemorrhagic symptoms (such as massive bleeding from the mouth, eyes and anus).

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