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AIDS Acquired by Drug Consumption and other Noncontagious Risk Factors

Pharmacology & Therapeutics55: 201-277, 1992

by Peter H. Duesberg

Introduction below by Harvey Bialy is taken from the text file that accompanies the PDF when distributed by CD. This CD contains material that is referenced by hyperlinks in the PDF. Although only the PDF text is accessible on this website Harvey Bialy’s introduction is still pertinent.


On this CD you will find an amazing treasure. Although created ten years ago, in many ways this effort represents how peer-reviewed research should be published, and how it hopefully will be published in the future. What we see here is Peter Duesberg’s thoroughly peer-reviewed, copiously referenced and hyperlinked review article, “AIDS Acquired by Drug Consumption and Other Noncontagious Risk Factors” PLEASE COMPLETE THE REFERENCE, and you will find it in this file:


As you read the monograph, if you click on the reference, the source material — scanned in the most part from the hardcopy in Duesberg’s files — will appear.

At the bottom of each page in the reference files there are green arrows pointing right and left. To move forward in a reference you click the right arrow. To move back, or to return to the original monograph, you click the left arrow.

There is also a folder titled “Supplemental Materials” that contains:

1. Duesberg, P. H., Koehnlein, C., and Rasnick, D. 2003. The chemical bases of the various AIDS epidemics: recreational drugs, anti-viral chemotherapy and malnutrition. J. Biosci. 28:383- 412. It is a completely up-to-date review article that addresses all current issues in HIV science and displays the the same careful scholarship displayed in the 1992 review. It is hoped that once you have examined the 1992 hyperlinked document, you will be fully confident in the citations that accompany the current paper. In any case these constitute far fewer references that even the most skeptical of Duesberg’s writing will have to check, and they are more likely to be available today in full text databases. Additionally, since Duesberg frequently cites the same papers, many of the 2003 references are already on the CD.

2. Chapter 3 of my book, ONCOGENES, ANEUPLOIDY, & AIDS: A SCIENTIFIC LIFE & TIMES OF PETER DUESBERG, which specifically addresses the origins and reliability of viral loads and other surrogate measurements for infectious virus, and if I say so myself, is rather entertaining in its totality.

Harvey Bialy
Resident scholar
Institute of Biotechnology
Autonomous National University of Mexico

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