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Neville Hodgkinson

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Neville Hodgkinson

Former science and medical correspondent of the UK Sunday Times, Neville Hodgkinson has written a series of groundbreaking articles and papers for medical journals challenging the HIV/AIDS hypothesis and the validity of HIV antibody testing.

He is author of ‘AIDS – The Failure of Contemporary Science’ (4th Estate). Below is a selection of his articles.

German scientists damn lockdowns, masks and vaccines – but who in power will listen to them?

The Covid lie that drove lockdown and the mRNA ‘vaccine’ experiment

Does HIV mean certain death? (The Spectator – 24th October 2009) (PDF)

Review Essay by Neville Hodgkinson of ‘AIDS, Cancer and Arthritis: A New Perspective’ by Phyllis Evelyn Pease (PDF)

Failure of latest AIDS drugs
The Business – September 2006

The circular reasoning scandal of HIV testing
The Business – 21 May 2006

Why an HIV test may not provide proof positive at all
The critical flaws in the methods we use to detect the killer virus – The Business – 9/10 May 2004

HIV diagnosis: a ludicrous case of circular reasoning
The concluding part of our investigation into a global healthcare scandal. Is the way we test for HIV more harmful than the disease itself? By Neville Hodgkinson – The Business , 16/17 May 2004

Under suspicion: the HIV drug that held out hope for millions
Fresh cause for concern over the side-effects of nevirapine Doubts emerge over clinical studies
of crucial HIV drug – The Business , 30/31 January 2005

Aids was supposed to destroy Uganda. So why is it flourishing again?
Billions will be spent on powerful anti-Aids drugs for the third world – but Uganda reversed its Aids epidemic
without them Aids sunset gives way to new dawn in Uganda – The Business -19/20 October 2003

Professor Charles Geshekter letter in The Business (PDF)

AIDS: Scientific or Viral Catastrophe? (PDF)
Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol 17, No. 1, pp 87-120, 2003

Video – How Accurate is the HIV Confirmation Test?
Neville Hodgkinson talking – excerpt from ‘House of Numbers’