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Ekaterinburg Russia Conference

International Conference on AIDS, Ekaterinburg, Russia – May 29 – 30 2008



“The problem of HIV/AIDS and the family
well-being of the nation”.

 Download full press release (Word Doc)

Conference Report by Joan Shenton – Download (Word Doc)

Conference Speeches published in Russian – Download (6.5mb Zip)

Conference Speakers CVs (in Russian) – Download (Word Doc)

The Perth Group revisits the existence of HIV – Download (600kb PDF)

Immunological Stressor Agents are the Real Cause of AIDS, by Roberto Giraldo, M.D – Download (Word Doc)

Has the Supposed “HIV” ever been isolated?
Four complementary approaches by Lluís Botinas – Download (English) (Word Doc) Download (Spanish) (PDF)

Exposicion Ekaterinburg by Lluís Botinas (Spanish Language) – Download (Word Doc)

“Censorship in the AIDS debate – the success of stifling, muzzling and a strategy of silence.”
Speech by Joan Shenton – Download (Word Doc)

Cause of the Immune Dysbalance and Non-Toxic Therapy by Juliane Sacher (German/English) – Download (PPT Doc 550kb)

Julian Sacher CV (2 versions – German) – Download V1 (PDF) Download V2 (PDF)

Christine Maggiore Conference Talk – Download (Word Doc)

The South African AIDS Drug Wars: Lessons for Russia by Anthony Brink – Download (Word Doc)

Ekaterinburg Conference Resolutions (Russian Language) – Download (Word Doc)

Ekaterinburg Conference Resolutions (English Language) – Download (PDF)

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russia panel 600