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Colman Jones

ColmanJonesThe 4-hour 1992 cable TV series “The Cause of AIDS: Fact and Speculation” –  which includes interviews with key early figures in the HIV debate, and has stood the test of time reasonably well – is now available on YouTube

Part One – HIV: A Deadly Virus?

Part Two – Redefining AIDS

Part Three – Déja Vu: A History of STDs

Part Four – Syphilis in the AIDS Era

A one-hour summary of all four parts is viewable at with more information about the series available at
You can also listen to part of the subsequent 2-hour radio 1996 documentary on the CBC Radio program IDEAS, “Deja Vu: AIDS in Historical Perspective” at – the series won the Canadian Science Writers’ Association 1996 Science in Society Journalism Award (Radio Items Over 10 Minutes) and features an accompanying website at – including illustrations from STD campaigns past and present, transcripts from past programs, published scientific abstracts, newsgroup debates, an extensive reading list, and links to other sources of information. Finally, here are two more recent papers presented at scientific meetings by John Scythes and Colman Jones:

“A New Gold Standard For Syphilis?” (presented at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology 2004 Spring Symposium, Budapest)

“Can We Reliably Diagnose Syphilis?” (presented at the IUSTI-Europe Conference On Sexually Transmitted Infections, October 2006, Versailles)