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jad_adams_foto  Adams, Jad

Prescribing Sunshine  M. Aziz  – Selection of Articles

HenryBauer  Bauer, HenrySelection of Articles

bialy  Bialy, Dr Harvey – Review: A Scientific Life & Times of Peter H. Duesberg

IRF_article  Bern Study Group – AIDS defining illnesses, their causes and treatment

IRF_article  Crilly, Cal – The link between growth hormones, eating cattle and testing HIV positive

DavidCrowe  Crowe, David – Article on the predictability of CD4 counts

RebeccaCulshaw  Culshaw, Rebecca – Selection of articles

EtienneDeHarven  De Harven, Etienne MD – Human Endogenous Retroviruses and AIDS Research (PDF)

Peter Duesberg  Duesberg, PeterSelection of articles

IRF_article  Ely, Elizabeth – The Banality of Love

celia_farber  Farber, Celia – Selection of articles

IRF_article  Felix de Fries – Selection of articles

Fiala  Fiala, ChristianSelection of Articles

geshekter  Geshekter, Professor Charles – Selection of articles

giraldo  Giraldo, Dr Roberto A., Professor Etienne de Harven, MD

AlfredHassig  Hässig, Alfred – Unanswered questions regarding HIV Infection, AIDS and AZT

Neville Hodgkinson  Hodgkinson, Neville Selection of articles

IRF_article  Johnson, Christine – Does HIV Exist? An interview with Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos

ColmanJones  Jones, Colman – Links to documentaries

IRF_article  Joswig, Christian – AIDS – ganz anders, als man denkt ! (German language – PDF)

lauritsen  Lauritsen, John Selection of articles

austria4  Maniotis, Andrew

c_maggiore  Maggiore, Christine

joan 1  Meditel

mwebe  Mwebe, Winifred – Selection of articles

IRF_article  Null, Gary – “What is AIDS?” Film by Gary Null ( Link to Brasscheck TV)

turner  Perth Group

IRF_article  Ricci – Dissident arrested and detained in Kampala jail 10th June 2008

IRF_article  Rod’s Report – El SIDA, ¿Que Cojones Es El SIDA? (Spanish)

alex 2  Russell, Alex

russianlogo  Russia Conference, Ekaterinburg

hector 1  Simpson-Gildemeister, Dr Hector – Selection of articles

gordon_stewart_foto  Stewart, Professor Gordon – Selection of articles

IRF_article  Tagarisa, Johnson (BSc MA MBA) – BIIDS – Behavioural Induced Immune Deficiency Syndrome

IRF_article  Tracey, Michael – Keynote speaker Oakland AIDS conference 2009 – Salford University Lecture (PDF)

johnny_trifunovich  Trifunovich, Johnny – Johnny Trifunovich’s story

mve 1  Verney-Elliott, Michael