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Aids war profiteering

NIH’s Fauci and Gilead’s Martin: junk science and oligarchic capitalism.

I just completed the linked paper after reading an edited-down version of a Bloomberg News story two weeks ago (May 15) in The Washington Post: U.S. recommends daily pill for those at risk of HIV

The full Bloomberg story contained undocumented claims and un-attributed assertions, beginning in the first paragraph, which read:

Healthy people at risk of HIV are advised to take daily pills that cut the odds of infection by more than 90 percent, U.S. health officials said in the first formal recommendation on using the drugs as a preventative.

The 90 percent claim, though attributed to the CDC, is a number that has taken on a life of its own, and does not square even with the summary of findings in the New England Journal of Medicine report by the investigators on the so-called  iPREX study of mostly Third World gay males, in which a 44% greater protection (over placebo) claim was made–itself a gross exaggeration, as I explain in my article. FDA approval of Truvada for PrEP was based on the confirmation-biased iPREX and FEM PrEP studies, fully described (and de-bunked) in my article.

But at least the Bloomberg story quoted some of the opposition to so-called “pre-exposure prophylaxis” or “PrEP.”

The slimmed down version in The Washington Post, in both its print and online editions, excised all references to any questions that even mainstream HIV=AIDS believers have about drugging HIV negatives with highly toxic chemotherapy.

As I claim in my article, junk science and oligarchic capitalism triumphed in the Fauci-Gilead collusion, along with Gilead’s purchase of PrEP approval by the FDA, and the CDC’s consequent imprimatur for Truvada PrEP.

Feel free to circulate my article in any way you would like.

–Terry Michael

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