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AIDS War. Profiteering with PrEP

“I just completed and greatly expanded my paper (which I sent in late May) on the toxic Gilead/Truvada/PrEP.  I trace how this fraud went from rigged clinical trials funded by Fauci; to approval by the FDA in a corrupt “user fee”-funded (by Gilead!) fast-tracked process, just in time for the 2012 IAS AIDSFest in Washington in July 2012;  to the CDC’s  compliant endorsement this May; and now is being promoted by a science-ignorant mass and gay media.

This is a subject on which we can make common cause even with many of the HIV=AIDS believers. So far, there seems to be little willingness by even HIV-AIDS orthodox physicians to prescribe Truvada for “pre-exposure prophylaxis.”  But the amazing Gilead p.r. machine buys support for the “balms of Gilead” with multi-million grants to HIV-AIDS Industry non-profits and NGOs. Any they have now succeeded in receiving the imprimaturs of three U.S. government agencies, Fauci’s NIAID, the FDA and the CDC.

I have spent two-and-one-half years researching PrEP and all this past summer working to produce the revised paper. I hope it can be given wide dissemination.

Best regards,
Terry Michael

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