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AIDS is survivable?

…Brryan Jackson, from St Louis, said he forgives his dad for doing the unthinkable – injecting him with HIV-tainted blood when he was a baby just so he could avoid paying child support.

…With all other results returning negative, doctors decided to test blindly for HIV and were shocked with the positive result it returned.  [emph. added]

Bryyan developed full blown AIDS at the age of five and lost 70 per cent of his hearing due to all the medication he was taking [emph. added] – at one stage 23 oral pills, two IV bags, and three injections.

Doctors said he would not live past six – dying either from the highly toxic drugs or the disease.

While the act of a father injecting his son with fluid he believes will kill him is mind-blowing, there are some interesting holes in this piece. Why was weight given to one positive test over multiple negatives? Why was the AID attributed to HIV rather than the heavy amount of medication he was taking (now reduced to one pill)? Also, is not AIDS the terminal stage of HIV illness, where there is no guarantee for return?

…’I went from 23 pills to just one pill a day and now I’m undetectable, my T-cell count has been up, giving me zero per cent chance of passing on the virus.’

Is it not reasonable to suggest that chronic AID was reversed purely by a reduction of medication? How can you pass on something you may never have had?

[Source: Daily Mail]

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