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Winnifred Mwebe

mwebeWinnifred Mwebe

Died 17th October 2009

“She was a warm, smart, thoughtful and critically minded woman from whom I learned a great deal about the hysteria and misinformation being spread in Uganda about what was making people sick and how they could improve their health.” Professor Charles Geshekter:

“Winnie was such a lovely friend. She was fun-loving, with a huge sense of humour and a wonderful laugh, but she was also fiercely determined to support those whom she felt had been misled about AIDS and AIDS medication. As you know she was a dedicated volunteer at Continuum Magazine, which is where I met her.

We went to Paris together to the dissident AIDS meeting there and she made valuable contributions to the gathering. Two of Winnie’s articles in Continuum Magazine are on the Immunity Resource Foundation website.” Joan Shenton