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Are You Positive?, by Stephen Davis. (2008)

aypAre You Positive?, by Stephen Davis. (2008) Ripped from the headlines of today’s news, 26-year-old Tyree Johnson stands accused of first degree murder in a South Carolina courtroom. He was diagnosed HIV-Positive, and the prosecution claims that he infected his girlfriend, who later died, with HIV. The defense, however, claims there is reasonable doubt that Tyree’s HIV diagnosis was wrong – that, according to numerous scientific studies, the so-called “HIV tests” are fraught with errors. Furthermore, Tyree’s lawyer argues that there is no scientific evidence that HIV is transmitted by heterosexual intercourse, and that Tyree’s girlfriend died from taking lethal anti-retroviral drugs rather than from any HIV/AIDS-related illness.

Based on more than 500 actual scientific studies and references, Are You Positive? raises serious questions about whether anyone has ever been properly diagnosed as HIV-Positive, and whether most AIDS victims are dying from the side-effects of the HIV medications prescribed by their doctors.