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RIP Janine Roberts and Dr Andrew Herxheimer

IRF is sad to learn of the deaths of two prominent dissenters of HIV theory.

Janine Roberts, author of Fear of the Invisible, is understood to have died recently after some years of illness.

Dr Andrew Herxheimer, who featured on President Thabo Mbeki’s AIDS panel and assisted Joan Shenton with various projects, died aged 90. The Cochrane Collaboration site features a tribute to him here.


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One Response to RIP Janine Roberts and Dr Andrew Herxheimer

  1. kevin king July 27, 2016 at 9:22 pm #

    I just bought her book ‘fear of the invisible’, not really being aware of how much she achieved in this area. I’ve read a lot of other stuff on the HIV/AIDS controversy but really what she did is truly admirable and boils down to real investigative journalism. There are very few people around with this kind of objectivity and strength of character to follow the story unrelentingly through to the bitter end. A pity she never got the recognition she deserved, but so is the modern world. Perhaps one day she will. RIP Janine Roberts.

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