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Correspondence between HIV+ patient and David Crowe

Dear Madam,

I was detected positive in Oct 2008. Then my VL was 6271 and CD-4 was 175. I was put on Viraday. Last year in May 2013 I stopped Viraday ( do not ask me why) and tried an alternative medicine (homeopathy). The results are given in the table below. Through your your forum I am requesting you and some experts on HIV to shed some light on the same. I am aged 54 now and weigh about 79 kgs. My height is 5’11”.  I am from India.

I have no other complications but slight pain in the muscles in arms and joints.  After stopping ART my weight increased from 73kgs to 78 kgs. The person giving the alternative medicine says the virus is deactivated. P17 antibody has been shown as absent in the last 3 WB tests I got done since stopping ART.

I am anxious to know where I stand as of now. Searching the web has given confusing opinions. While some insist on CD-4 being stable others are laying emphasis on Viral Load being low. And then of course there are the combinations. For a lay person like me very difficult to understand. While the VL is low CD-3 and CD-8 are rising. Now how that is to be interpreted?

Viral Load
Copy / ml
Lymphocyte Enumeration
Absolute CD45+
% CD3+/ CD45+ (T-cells)
59 – 84 %
Absolute CD3+ Lymphocyte count
716 -2130 µl
% CD3+/ CD4+ (T-cells)
26 – 48 %
Absolute CD4+ count Lymphocyte count
354 – 1100 µl
% CD3+/ CD8+ (T-Suppressor cells)
18 – 41%
Absolute CD8+ Lymphocyte count
192 – 980 / µl
CD 4/ CD 8 ratio
0.57 – 2.03
Thanks and regards
Dear Anon;
Joan Shenton has asked me to respond to your email.
There are many things that should be questioned if you are HIV-positive. The first is why antibodies can be taken as proof of current infection, rather than past exposure to a virus? In addition, how can antibodies be known with surety to be from HIV, when HIV has never been purified?
But similar questions can be asked about CD4 counts and viral load. I have done extensive research on CD4 counts and the idea that this is tightly correlated with immune system health is totally fraudulent.
Some of my research in  a relatively accessible format is at:
Crowe  D. Nice Graphs, No Data. 2007 Jun. 
Crowe D. Graph Fiction. Vimeo. 2011 Jul. 
Crowe D. Predictability of a CD4 count. 2012 Jul. 
Viral load has similar questions. Again, how is the HIV genome known when HIV has never been purified? How can someone obtain, with surety, the HIV RNA sequence, when HIV has never been obtained? And how can the primers, a tiny fraction of the genome, pick up HIV, and nothing else?
Where is the viral load testing on the general population to calculate the rate of false positives (some indications are that this is very high). If viral load can give false readings in HIV uninfected people, then it can give falsely high readings in HIV infected people (if there is such a thing).
So the first question is not how to interpret your numbers, but why you believe these numbers are ever meaningful. Certainly, without those numbers AIDS doctors would be out of a job. But doesn’t that give them a big conflict of interest?
     David Crowe

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4 Responses to Correspondence between HIV+ patient and David Crowe

  1. DrSalman June 4, 2014 at 2:57 am #

    Anons report show promising results and can be further analyzed for cure, also such type reports will give more confidence for positive patients to abolish their social stigma

  2. Uma Chaudhuri March 15, 2016 at 7:17 am #

    Dear Mr.Aziz,
    Homeopathy is widely practiced in India , particularly poor people who cannot afford aloepathy may benefit from homeopathy treatment , but most often doctors turn away patients and force them towards ART. It is very heartening to hear about your experience with homeopathy would you be kind enough to send me the name and address of the homeopahy doctor/doctors who are treating HIV positives and getting good result.
    Uma Chaudhuri

    • praveen May 29, 2016 at 5:26 pm #

      Mr Aziz, glad that you people struggling to shed light on real issues of hiv and hiv related issues, stigma and death dogma is major cause of deaths and isolate hiv antibodies positive, nobody has been given real information about what the antibodies target in test kits, it is just h9 cell line(cancer cells) so the antibodies are against cellular protein of abnormal cancer cells, everyone will have these antibodies but some people with immune dysfunction will have more which is giving positive in these test kits,
      We were hiv positive and now nearly 40 people are hiv negative in western blot test so the only abnormal findings in hiv patients is hiv(?) antibodies thus now we are normal people with balanced immunity, if any people interested with our immune homeostasis approach can contact us which will significantly low unwanted antibodies which we will be hiv negative permanently my +91 9880078604


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