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RIP Roberto Giraldo

IRF is sad to report the death of fellow AIDS dissident Dr. Roberto Giraldo. Roberto was involved in many activities, including translating the film Positively False – Birth of a Heresy into Spanish.

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HIV+s should be periodically retested, paper

A paper by Mario Molina in the Virology & Immunology Journal from September makes the astute suggestion that HIV+ people should be periodically retested. This makes sense not only because it is accepted that there are false positives under the mainstream paradigm, but also because it can prove that any control of evident immunodeficiency could […]

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Positivamente Falso, eBook disponible para pre-ordenar ahora

Muchas disculpas si este post Lee incómodo en español como un traductor en línea ha sido utilizado. IRF se complace en anunciar que la traducción al español de la edición del 16 aniversario del libro Positively False será lanzada en formato de libro en rústica y eBook el 15 de enero de 2019 como Positivamente […]

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New HPV film by ANH, AHVID and AAVP, directed by Tim Reihm

Manufactured Crisis is an Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) production – made in collaboration with Sanevax, the UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID), the Danish Association of HPV Vaccine Victims and the Spanish Association of people affected by HPV vaccine (AAVP). See press release here which includes a link to view the film […]

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Southern Spain Dissident AIDS Conference, 12-14 October 2018 @ Casa del Colibri (Humming Bird House) Benimuslem, near Valencia, Spain

[Written by Joan Shenton, who did attend] The meeting was convened by Raúl Ehrichs Costa from Malaga. We met at the home of Jose Enrique Requena who hosted our gathering at his sanctuary, Humming Bird House, twenty kilometers from Valencia. People came from far and wide, Madrid, Barcelona and as far away as Poland and […]

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